Miracle of Sound. Level 1 (2011) Авторские саундтреки

Представляем первый альбом одного из лучших независимых авторов музыки по играм Гэвин Дан (Gavin Dunne).
Жанр: Поп-рок
Формат: mp3


 01. The New Black Gold [Inspired by Deus Ex. Human revolution]
02. Sovngarde Song [Inspired by Skyrim]
03.Commander Shepard [A tribute to Shepard (Inspired by Mass Effect)]
04. Big Ten
05. Sweet L.A. [Inspired by L.A. Noire. Saxophone by Gary Baus, Piano by Jack O'Rourke]
06. Wheatley's Song [Inspired by Portal 2]
 07. Redemption Blues [Inspired by Red Dead Redemption]
08. Age Of The Dragon [Tribute to Dragon Age]
09. Little Sister [Inspired by Bioshock]
10. Mining All Day Long [Inspired by Minecraft]
11. The Mind Of The Bat [Inspired by Batman]
12. Normandy [Inspired By Mass Effect]
13. The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Run) [Inspired by Left 4 Dead]
14. Wasteland Soul [Inspired by Fallout 3]
15. Brothers Of The Creed [Inspired by Assassin's Creed]
16. Beauty Bleak [Inspired by Fallout 3]
17. I Suck At Call Of Duty [A humorous look at a bad COD player!]
18. Necromorph Soup [Inspired by Dead Space]
19. Gordon Freeman Saved My Life [Inspired by Half-Life]
20. She Gonna Teach Ya (How To Rock N Rol) [It's about a game called 'my girlfriend']
21. Santiago's Lament [Inspired by Gears Of War's Dominic Santiago]
22. Zombie Holiday [Inspired by Dead Island]
23. Goodbye Black Ops [Call Of Duty song]
24. Duke, You Used To Be Cool [Inspired by Duke Nukem]
25. Fire In Your Hole [Tribute to Bulletstorm]
26. Comin' For Your Tank [Inspired by Battlefield 3]
27. Thunder's Theme - Full Version [Theme song for the Legendary Thunder!]
28. The Grind [Inspired by Gears of War 3]
29. Mortal Kombat Party [Inspired by Mortal Kombat]
30. Second Chance Song [A tribute to the worst Perk ever invented.]
31. Trip To Vegas [Inspired by Fallout. New Vegas]
32. The Ballad Of Clay Carmine [Inspired by Gears Of War 3]
33. Thunder Mountain [Inspired by Rage]

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6    Материал
Классная музыка!!! Качать всем!!! yahoo
5    Материал
Такая музыка замечательная) зачёт biggrin
4    Материал
Отличные песни, всё думал кто же написал коммандера. Спасибо happy
3    Материал
Куул песни) happy
2    Материал
Спасибо что выложили. Слушал ранее песью The New Black Gold.
1    Материал
Класс happy